You may be eligible for an LPI private sitting if you reside in an area within Canada that does not have access to scheduled LPI public sittings. To find out whether you are eligible for an LPI private sitting, please fill out the form below at least 30 calendar days prior to your planned test date. Your request will be processed within three to four business days. Simply submitting this online request for a private sitting does not guarantee that your private sitting will be approved.

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Simply submitting an LPI private sitting request does not guarantee that my LPI private sitting will be approved. If I am eligible for an LPI private sitting based on the information provided in this form, I will be sent the LPI Private Sitting Application via email. The LPI Private Sitting Application must be returned complete (with all necessary supporting documentation, including payment of the LPI private sitting fee by money order) to the LPI office within seven calendar days of the application's delivery in order to be processed. Applications that are not returned by this deadline or that do not contain all the necessary supporting documentation will not be processed.