Scores are posted online within 2 to 3 weeks after the test date. All test takers will receive an email notification when their test scores are available.

Accessing Your Scores

You can view and print your LPI Unofficial Personal Score Report online by logging into your LPI Account.

If you cannot see your past tests in your LPI Account, you can access our previous web portal here. Please note that this portal will not be accessible indefinitely.

If you are having any issues accessing your scores, please contact the LPI Office.

LPI Official Score Reports

LPI Official Score Reports are sent directly to institutions within 3 weeks of the scheduled test date, for those test takers who have specified which institutions should receive their scores.

The LPI office will forward your results to five institutions free of charge. These institutions can be updated or removed at any time in your LPI Account up to four days before your test.

If you need to request additional score reports after your test date, they can be ordered through your LPI Account at a cost of $20.00 each.

Note: It is recommended that you contact the institution to which you are applying to see whether they require an LPI Official Score Report to be sent to them from the LPI Office, or whether they can accept the LPI Unofficial Personal Score Report.

LPI Scoring Information

The Sentence Structure and English Usage components as well as Section A of the Reading Comprehension component are scored by a computer. Section B of the Reading Comprehension component and the Essay Writing component are evaluated by a team of raters, which is made up of veteran secondary and post-secondary English specialists.

Part Maximum Score
Sentence Structure 10
English Usage 10
Reading Comprehension 20
Essay 40

The Six Essay Levels Defined

The essay will be evaluated by two raters, each of whom will independently assign a numerical score that places your essay at one of six essay levels. If an essay does not receive the same score from both raters, the essay will be re-scored by the full rating committee. The six essay levels are defined below:

Essay Score (40 max.) Essay Level Proficiency Description
36-40 6 Advanced Proficiency Demonstrates exceptional fluency marked by a wide range of skills, including excellent organizational abilities and original insights. Advanced proficiency is indicated in the clear articulation of both complex and straightforward concepts.
30-35 5 Effective Proficiency Demonstrates fluent competency. For the most part, the writing is clear and controlled. Occasional errors in expression and structure do not significantly detract from the coherent articulation of ideas. There is clarity in development and organization.
24-29 4 Adequate Proficiency Demonstrates adequate competency with satisfactory organization and structure although expression errors are evident, particularly occurring in occasional clusters. This is writing that requires some revision.
18-23 3 Developing Proficiency Demonstrates some familiarity with written communication, using simple tools of expression. Major problems in diction, sentence structure, and organization, however, are evident. Numerous second language errors may also be present. This is writing that requires considerable revision.
11-17 2 Minimal Proficiency Demonstrates only limited ability in written communication. Second language expression errors are the dominant feature of this writing.
1-10 1 No Proficiency Demonstrates very limited knowledge of written English. The writer does not have the language skills to write a series of statements that can be understood by the reader.
0 Essay cannot be evaluated Essays are placed at Level 0 when the component has not been attempted, not enough material has been written to allow for a fair evaluation, or the essay does not directly develop the topic chosen.

The selected receiving institutions can be updated or removed at any time in your LPI Account up to four days before your test.

If you need to request additional score reports after your test date, they can be ordered through your LPI Account at a cost of $20.00 each.