Test Preparation

To help test takers prepare for their LPI test sitting, we offer a comprehensive line of study guides, workbooks, and preparation materials. Our study materials will help you get the results you need on the LPI Test!

In order to prepare for the LPI Test, we suggest taking the following steps:

When studying on your own for the test:

  • Concentrate on grammar, sentence structure, reading, writing, and oral English.
  • Spend time every day preparing for the tests, instead of reviewing once a week. Studying daily for short periods of time, rather than studying once a week for a large block of time, is likely to be more useful in improving your use of English.
  • Immerse yourself in English language activities such as reading English magazines and books, watching English television and movies, and listening to English radio stations. Memorizing examples from the LPI Study Guide is not an effective approach.

Please note that the LPI Office does not supply information on tutors. However, students are encouraged to contact the English Department at their college or university for information about these services.

For current UBC students, there are a number of classroom courses and online courses offered by the UBC Writing Centre to help in preparing for the LPI Test and university writing. For more information visit the UBC Writing Centre website or call them at (604) 822-9564.

Colleges may offer courses related to preparation for the LPI Test or for improving English proficiency. Students should inquire at the appropriate department of their college.