Webinar #1: Choosing Your LPI Essay Topic (FREE)

If you are concerned about how to choose the LPI essay topic that will work best for you, watch this video to learn about a quick and easy topic selection method. Find out why it is so important to carefully and quickly choose the topic that will help you get the score you need. This 20-minute webinar video reviews the LPI essay instructions, explains how to manage your time, presents the standard LPI essay question types, and gives a detailed explanation of the CLOSE topic selection approach. You will not only learn how to use the CLOSE approach, you will also get to practice using CLOSE with the three essay topics included in the video.

Webinar #2: Planning Your Essay Response (FREE)

If you are looking for ways to plan your essay response, this video will help you to get inside the mind of an experienced test taker to learn how to quickly finalize your opinion, brainstorm ideas, select the best ideas, and come up with logical supporting reasons and examples. Watch as the presenter reorganizes her main ideas and supporting details to create a stronger argument, and learn how to do all these steps before you start writing your essay.

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